Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Making Money in College May Be a Piece of a Cake

The independent life in college comes with liberty which frees students from restrictions but with increased personal and academic expenses. Successful college students should, therefore, be able to keep their studies at par while engaging in some activity to earn money. For students who do not have enough money for their fees and upkeep at the college, this might be the best way to go. The following is a suggestion on eight ways to earn money while still in college.

College students can earn money by working as freelancers. All one needs to do is identify an online freelancing site such as upwork.com, freelancer.com among others and open an account by filling out their personal details, selecting subjects related to their skills and get work that suits the skills they have. The types of jobs offered on such online sites are of varying types, but the most common ones are blog writing, content writing, software development and academic essays writing.  The advantage of freelancing is that it is very flexible in that you take in as much work as you can handle at the time when you feel like doing it.

College students who have an in-depth knowledge of particular subjects they studied while in high school and feel comfortable teaching other students can tutor for money while in college. If you are among those students who are adept in certain subjects, then all you have to do is to spare your free time and find some parents who want their children taught by part-time tutors. Contact the parents to initiate an agreement with them and begin teaching their children. The good thing with tutoring is its dual benefit as the teachers earn money and also refresh their knowledge on the previous subjects.

Besides, college students can also monetize their YouTube accounts with the YouTube Partnership and make money from it. YouTube is an excellent site from which to earn money especially due to an increasing population of young people who have an interest in videos. While many individuals visit YouTube to watch videos, they will click on your videos and watch them. You will get paid for it. YouTube has a way of billing your dues and sending them to your account. The only secret is making good videos, uploading them on YouTube, popularizing them and then waiting for your earning to boom.

Work-study programs are also an excellent source of earnings for college students. The students need to apply for work-study through the university’s welfare office. If one has the qualifications required, which frequently revolve around being needy and disciplined, the welfare office will consider his request. There are a variety of different tasks assigned to the students undertaking work study in the catering and administrative offices. In some colleges, a majority of students are stationed in their respective departments to keep the work-study tasks related to their course programs where possible.

As a college student, enter academic competitions to earn money. The advertisements for essays and scholarly contests are pretty regularly found, especially in the fields of engineering or sciences. They often offer cash prizes for the winners. Students can easily find such opportunities by regularly checking the bulletin boards in campus, checking their emails and asking their professors and advisors to tell them about the opportunities if they might see them anywhere. The prizes are occasionally given to runners-up and even to the third positions. Even if one does not immediately win the awards, they will get the experience, become competent and establish connections and in the process build a portfolio.

I believe that participating in online surveys is another great way college students can make money. Many online sites offer surveys that one can fill out and get paid. The companies need the services of researchers to conduct market research and receive feedback from their customers. Fortunately, anyone can join these online survey sites. One such great site is Survey Scout. However, the survey sites do not pay quite handsomely as one may think. Most survey sites often pay pennies for filling out their surveys. Nevertheless, it is an excellent opportunity for starters.

Hardworking college students can take notes and sell them to their fellow students in the same class or juniors. Instead of solely enjoying appreciation from college professors, one can extend their free time by reading and researching ahead of everyone in their class and making notes. The most selling notes are the ones which have the correct solutions for the questions at the end of every topic. Bind the notes well and sell them under your name, you will earn money.

Lastly, writing essays for fellow buddies in the college is one of the most shared and rewarding money-making activity for college students. According to DaSilva-Gordon, some of the students are just too busy to write their essays because they have worked alongside their studies while others are just lazy. Furthermore, others are not able to write as much right essays as someone else. Whatever the category of the students, they always look for another student good in writing college essays especially the term papers for them in exchange for some money.  Seize the opportunity and earn money. One should take care to write his essay too.
There are dozens of ways to earn money while in college. In this article I offered you only eight of them. That took me couple of hours. Now imagine how broad is the field of your options. Don’t hesitate. If you feel you’re ready for even a small greatness, it’s time to start paving your own way for it.