Thursday, 12 February 2015

Creative writer being

Everyone cannot be a creative writer. It requires some skills. For starters you should follow few things to be a creative writer. If you are able to keep yourself inspired, deciplened and motivated. Your writings can be fun for everyone and your career in writing can be rewarding as well. If you build the necessary skills required for a creative writer you can enjoy your life by earning inside your bedroom lying on a bed and without even going to the office.

Inspiration and motivation

Inspiration and motivation are the two biggest hurdles a writer face. If you are enough motivated for the work you do. You can inspire other people as well by your writings, and they will follow you by witnessing your love and passion for the work. You will inspire them by working hard!
For some people motivation is related to rewards, and reward can be money you get for your hard work. So if you work hard enough, a lot of rewards are waiting for you and it also includes money, and trust me, a lot of it! You can only work hard if you are motivated enough for the task that you are given. Always find a way to keep yourself motivated for the job you are given.
Inspiration on the other hand is a little hard to come by. If you know the topic you want to write about, but the enough content is not present in your mind. Then it will be very hard for you to find the necessary words for the work you are given. Believe me I know this feeling. I was a reporter in a local newspaper and I had to cover the board meeting and write about it. The board meeting were always on Fridays and I had to cover everything until Saturday. I knew everything about the meetings. But I wasn't inspired of anything so it was always hard for me to find the proper words for that 4 to 5 page article.

I used to grab a cup of coffee at night and start writing article about the meetings. I couldn't find the specific words or the influential words, so I used to write that "sparks flew at the board meeting" etc. The expert at our office used to ask me that why sparks flew? What is the meaning of that? So he was the one who inspired me and through him I learned how to write. Inspiration is very important.
After I started writing properly about the board meetings and I was able to find the right words. It was always easy for me to write. I got motivated when I got the promotion. So get motivated and find your inspiration. It helps in getting rewards.