Sunday, 14 September 2014

Top 5 Characteristics of Exceptional Teachers

Excellent teachers produce superior critical writers. If you want to be become a skilled critical writer, find a teacher with these five qualities!
  1. Passion

The best teachers, the ones we love and remember long after school is done. Love their subject matter so much that they are excited every day to share it with students. These are the teachers with a sparkle in their eye! Find a teacher who wants nothing more than to teach, and your education will be off to a good start.

2. Listening Skills

Teachers have to do a lot of talking, and yes, it’s an important part of their job. Truly exceptional teachers are just as good at listening. Your teacher should listen to your opinions, concerns, and questions. And also be willing to spend enough time listening to understand your needs. Still, you shouldn’t interrupt when your teaching is speaking! Choose your time, ask questions when invited. Visit your teacher’s office after class if necessary.

3. Subject Knowledge

There is nothing more frustrating and time wasting than listening to a lecture or presentation by a teacher who reads directly from the textbook, or premade slides. Yawn! On the other hand, a teacher who tosses off anecdotes, and on-topic examples, without a second thought, will never bore you. Teachers with a vast storehouse of subject-related knowledge are an inspiration. You will learn more from them than from any textbook. Pay close attention to the casual remarks or personal stories your teacher shares with you. They likely have significance, and you never know when an off-hand remark might turn up on a test!

4. Creativity

Most teachers learn how to teach on the fly. There are educational programs for teachers who work with children. But college teachers usually learn during a practicum, and sometimes not even until they start their first job. The job requires a flexible and creative personality, and quite a bit of courage! Experienced teachers have mastered the art of designing unique lessons. Changing their plans at the last minute, or to suit emerging circumstances. Embrace your creative teacher’s ideas and go with the flow!

5. Caring

If you are extremely lucky, you’ll a find a teacher who cares about your success as well as their subject. Teachers show that they care by guiding you in appropriate ways. If you are already a good student, your teacher may challenge you with in-class questions. Or ask you to take the lead in group assignments or presentations. On the other hand, if the class is a struggle for you, a caring teacher should meet with you to answer questions. Or consider extensions on assignments if you feel it will help your performance. Teachers are discouraged from becoming involved in their student’s personal problems. But a teacher who cares will direct you to a counselor, or a health care professional if you are in need. Give your teachers a chance to show you that they are human. After all, they were once students just like you.

Finding a teacher who’s perfect for you is part kismet and part planning. Ask your peers which teachers they prefer and why, and then cross your fingers!